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Global Enterpreneurship Week 2015

Global Enterpreneurship Week 2015
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Roots International School organized a Global Entrepreneurship Week to promote and polish the Entrepreneurship potential of its students. MIUC – RIS is proud partners of Global Entrepreneurship Week, an organization that works to stimulate and encourage the entrepreneurship culture. CEO RIS and Rector MIUC Mr. Walid Mushtaq himself is an established and renowned Entrepreneur himself and has always been on forefront to create opportunities for students that can help them build a secure future. Under his dynamic leadership we have been organizing several forums and events to promote and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of students. Our graduates are enterprising thinkers and versatile individuals.
Mr. Wahaj Siraj, CEO Nayatel and Mr. Raja Amir, former president of RCCI inaugurated the conference. Member of RCCi; Mr. Inam ul haq, Director of Digital Services Mobilink; Mr. Ehtisham Rao and CEO E4 technologies; Mr. Umer Adnan had an inofrmative session with the students.
Mr. Umair Jalaiwala engaged the students in different activities through out the conference.
Mr. Ali Janjua, General Manager Touch Stone and Mr. Walid Mushtaq talked about the emerging trends in entrepreneurship: the scope, viability and adaptibility worldwide.
On 2nd day the closing ceremony was comprised to various sessions and panel discussion with entrepreneurs of Islamabad, who gathered to guide and counsel young Rootsians about the market challenges.T he topic under the discussion at the forum at Day 2 was “Getting a headstart: Launch your career before graduation”. CEO of Kalim Associates; Mr. Junaid Kalim, Owner of Juicy Gossip; Ms. Izzah Ahmed, Ceo of Symble Estate; Mr. Tanveer Mughal, Training Facilitator; Mr. Qamar Sheraz were the Chief Guests Speakers who shared their exciting success stories with the students and enthralled them with the fact they were young and earning in millions at Global Entrepreneurship Week.
The founding member of Savour Foods, Professor Arshad Ahmed also graced the occasion and shared the success story with the students. Mr. Mustansar Tinauli, Owner of Fori Mazdori engaged the students throughout the session with different activities.
Mr. Li Chun; Zong Director Enterprise Solution and Strategy-Deputy Director Corporate Sales, Mr. Sayeed Ahmed Masud; Managing Director channel 7, Ms. Uzma Chaudhry; Owner of Café Soul, Ms. Juju Haider; Executive Director of Toni & Guy, Mr. Umair Khurshed; Owner of 401 and Mr. Junaid Zia; Director of inno-media and member of Global Entrepreneurship Network were the exclusive jury members who judged the Top Business Plans of undergrad students of MIUC and A-levels students of Roots International Schools nationwide.
The exclusive jury members were impressed by the knowledge base of the students and their innovative ideas of business. They appreciated the initiatives taken by MIUC and providing the holistic experience and International paradigm. The guests collaborated with the participants to conduct enthralling, intellectual, mind challenging discussions.
Speaking to the Rootsians, guests appreciated the initiative of Rector of MIUC and CEO of Roots International Schools Mr. Walid Mushtaq for providing the students opportunity as to prepare them for the future life.
Entrepreneurship Society of MIUC-RIS has a played a great role in assisting the budding entrepreneurs is setting up the foundation for their future enterprise. MIUC RIS –ES has been a platform for the youth of today to channelize their positive energies and entrepreneurial skilss. Under its umbrella Rootsians participate in national and international forums.
RIS Ceo himself held a session with the students and said that all great achievements start with a small idea. It all depends on the idea you think of something you can do it!! Entrepreneurs replace “I wish” with “I will”. Entrepreneurs are not any different from us, they are within us! If we don’t suppress the ideas that come in your mind you can definitely create something new.
RIS – MIUC – GEW is committed to promoting entrepreneurship in Pakistan by galvanizing both the government and the private sector players, involved in the local entrepreneurship ecosystem, into action