Professional Training GROW

RAPID-Roots Academy of Professional Development organized three days training session for staff to #grow

RISC Celebrated Chinese New year

Roots International Schools & Colleges celebrated Chinese New year will full zest and zeal in Collaboration with Marriott Hotel. Mr.Nong Rong Ambassador of China to Pakistan along with many dignitaries graced the occasion.
RISC hold an important strategic association with China considering that Pakistan and China have long acclaimed: the close connections two countries have with each other. The long-standing ties between the two countries have been communally favorable as China has been referred as “time-tested and all-weather comrade”. With a view to promote ethnic, social liaison between China and Pakistan and to forge collaboration between the two countries RISC celebrating the Chinese New Year and the traditional Chinese conducts persisted for a week.
The Department of Foreign Languages of RISC is offering Chinese Language to RIS students and working to incorporate more languages under the umbrella of RFLD to expand the cultural horizons. With this vision the CEO RISC Walid Mushtaq has initiated Roots Chinese Language Department (RCLD). RCLD aims to promote one of the world’s oldest cultures; The Chinese culture. Mandarin Chinese perceived as a language of commerce and business, or “The language of the future.” Roots International Schools & Colleges has initiated Chinese language programme with a vision to enrich knowledge base, wisdom competences, innovative interdisciplinary learning opportunities and language and cultural diversities.
Roots Chinese Language Club is a versatile exclusive club whose membership comprises Chinese Language students. Number of activities are being performed and carried out in an aspiring way. The lively Chinese Language Club is one of the active clubs in RISC and plans a lot of events to involve everyone around. At Chinese Language Club we embrace diversity and commit ourselves to providing quality standard, language services and social programmes at convenient times in comfortable environments. Students get a chance to explore Chinese culture and to serve the purpose; they are engaged in number of activities to enhance their exposure and interaction. Students are engaged in performing arts, rhythmic expressions of China and various colorful activities so that they have a better knowledge of Chinese Culture.
Students from RISC Wellington and Rawal campuses showed their mesmerizing performances. High level of participation was exhibited by students of RISC who were ready to win hearts of their esteemed guests with their love for the language and culture. Audience could feel the rays of sparkling impulses creating an interface of two backgrounds. During this Celebration week, RISC students exhibited Chinese stalls depicting true Chinese culture, their special food, trades, dresses etc. Students sang Chinese songs, gave their perspective and proved that how school is contributing in their lives by giving them exposure and making them open minded and diversified individuals.
Mr. Walid Mushtaq said, ‘we want to connect the world virtually, by introducing languages in Real Time to promote cultural harmony, trade and investments initiatives. The collaboration with Confucius Institute and has proved a great help in making the languages department of RISC a huge success reaching the enrollment of 4000 students by now. He said Pakistan China relationship is deeper than sea, higher than mountain and sweater than honey, and these students will make this bond stronger by bridging language barriers, by becoming ambassadors of Pak-China relationship. He added: we will work more on collaboration with Chinese embassy and will work on student and teachers exchange programs which will be mutually beneficial to both countries.
All dignitaries were really impressed by the RISC students, their performances, cultural representations and their full command over the Chinese language. They appreciated the efforts of CEO RISC Mr Walid Mushtaq, staff and teachers for training students and giving them knowledge in versatile way.

Kashmir Solidarity Week

Roots International Schools and Colleges observing Kashmir Solidarity Week across the country to highlight the atrocities by the occupation forces in the Indian occupied Kashmir. RISC students started their day by observing ” One Minute Silence”, made ” Human chain” to show solidarity with innocent people of Kashmir. Students performed skits/tableaus depicting violence on Kashmiris and their human rights. Every student gave his/her perspective to show solidarity with Kashmiri people and to give a loud and clear message to the world that the hearts of Pakistanis and Kashmiris throb in unison. High School students organized “Peace March” and are conveying message that the Pakistani Nation stands by the Kashmiris who have been facing unprecedented human rights violation in Indian occupied Kashmir. RIS student Council passed a resolution in Honor of Kashmir Solidarity Day: “UN should immediately hold Plebiscite in Kashmir and play its role in resolving Kashmir conflict.” CEO RIS Mr. Walid Mushtaq Said: “We stand shoulder to shoulder with our Kashmiri brothers & sisters in their struggle to exercise their right to self-determination.”

International Day For Elimination Of Violence

RIS students raising the voice to eliminate violence by organizing Peace Walk in Muzaffarabad.

CIE Micheal O’ Sullivan Visits RISC

Roots International Schools Organized Cambridge High Achievers Ceremony and Students Recognition day in wellington Campus. CEO Cambridge Internatioal Mr.Micheal O’Sullivan and Ms Uzma Yousaf Country Head CIE Pakistan and Mr Shanawer Beg-CIE –Manager North graced the occasion with his profound presence. The ceremony followed by Awarding Students and teachers on their remarkable results and accomplishments in CIE exams 2016 and panel discussion. The forum threw a light on how Cambridge qualification makes a student smarter and exceptional? How Cambridge qualification open doors for students and opportunities for students and connect them to the world?
Micheal said: Cambridge students are 10 Million in 160 countries of the world out of which the huge number is acquainted with this advance qualification in Pakistan. Cambridge has formulated the strategy to link students, family and school. Roots international schools provides a platform for the students to avail this opportunity. It’s not only educates the students but also help them succeed beyond their expectations by making them engaged citizens, entrepreneurs, learn how to take responsibilities for work life balance. Cambridge emphasizes on being confident, reflective and engaged

Iqbal Day Celebrations

“The more you know about the past the better prepared you are for the future”. The strong nations have strong history of nation language and heroes . Poetry of Iqbal holds the most essential place in the diversity of Urdu language .His poetry has great spell on the people of all ages and cultures.
IB PYP at Roots International Schools has arranged Mehfil e Mushaira in order to pay tribute to the “Poet of the East “,Dr Allama Iqbal. The students were veiled as famous poets and shared their melodious poetry in a pleasant manner. The diversity of poetry has taken the audience in their spell. Iqbal day is organized and celebrated on 9 November every year around the world as a tribute to Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the “Poet of the East”.
Roots International schools nationwide campuses has celebrated Iqbal day in its schools under the umbrella of Cultural Heritage Society. RIS promotes moral values by reminding them the efforts and struggle of the national heroes and their role in achieving this motherland. The day is well regarded, as for its association with the true legend who has envisioned the ideology of Pakistan.
Students prepared speeches on Allama Iqbal or recited his poetry. The day recalled the history and refresh the essence of literature, unfolds the sacrifice, highlighted efforts of Muslim Hereo , whose wisdom and ideology, is what led the Muslims of the subcontinent to a point of unity.
CEO RIS Mr. Walid Mushtaq said: Iqbal has achieved so much in his life, not only for himself but more selflessly for a nation. He was a motivator, a philosopher, a leader, a legendary poet and a man of great ideas and values. The nation salutes him for his divine efforts and believes. We inculcate the respect and regard for our national poet in our students.

RISC Organized Exhibition Cricket Match

Mr. Heyward has graced Roots International Schools by his presence in various events and conferences. Roots International Schools sponsored this match to give farewell to Mr. Peter Heyward, to promote cricket among the youth and take inspiration from the cricket stars from the Golden Era of Cricket. Mr. Walid Mushtaq declared Bisma Maroof and Sana Mir as the brand ambassador for Roots International schools’ girls cricket teams. Both the teams were featuring members from the diplomatic community, Pakistan’s past and present players. Roots International schools students, parents, faculty, scores of VIP’s from government, education, national sports and diplomatic community graced the event with their presence. The enthusiasm for the favorite game of nation was evident among the lively and exuberant crowd. Mr. Heyward gave an emotional speech and concluded with, “I enjoyed playing cricket alongside some of the big names of Pakistan cricket, I am thankful to Roots International Schools and PCB on holding such a wonderful match and I am leaving on a winning note. I will always remember these moments and Pakistan will always remain special for me for the rest of my life/p>

RISC At Youth Skill Development Program’s

A Roots International Schools & Colleges patriotic students and musicians performed the national anthem and welcomed the chief guest of the ceremony Miss Maryam Nawaz at Prime Minister’s Youth skill development program’s certificate awarding ceremony for skilled

Exclusive Interview With The Ambassador Of Philippines Mr. Daniel R Espiritu

An exclusive interview with the Ambassador of Philippines to Pakistan Excellency Mr. Daniel R Espiritu was conducted at the Embassy of Philippine by a team of students representing Roots International School, Richmond Campus. The aim of this interview was to acquire in hand knowledge of the Philippine history and culture. His Excellency provided a great depth of information to the students. Starting from the era of 1521 till modern day, His command and comprehension was truly astounding. Students from Roots International School were in complete zeal and zest to interview such an illustrious personality.Interview session commenced at the time committed by His Excellency which showed the most appalling characteristic of punctuality.
Students were delighted to know about socio-economic conditions in the country. It was truly an esteemed honor for Richmond Campus, Roots International School to host this one of the kind interview to attain and share their point of view directly with His Excellency. We were truly elated with the respect and compassion received from the personals at the Embassy.

Mr.Javed Malik Ambassador Of Pakistan To Bahrain Visited RISC

Mr Javed Malik, Pakistan ambassador to Bahrain visited Roots International Schools & Colleges. The visit was to promote good will and improve bilateral cordial relations between Pakistan and Bahrain. Mr. Walid Mushtaq, Rector Metropolitan International University College, along with the students, faculty members gave an overwhelming warm welcome to the distinguished guest. Mr. Walid Mushtaq mentioned that Metropolitan International University College is changing the national education landscape, beyond the classroom teaching and learning initiatives, teacher training programs, qualifications, results, achievements, thus promoting ‘social change’ and ‘community re-engineering’. The foundations of our perspective at MIUC are the things we have always stood for celebrating, diversity, creativity, vitality & excellence. Mr. Javed said that he was extremely impressed with students and the immense talent potential of the university. He emphasized that the institute is truly depicting a modern image of Pakistan where every student is the perfect cosmopolitan, multicultural representative of the nation. He thanked Mr. Walid Mushtaq, the staff and students for such an overwhelming welcome.