Beijing Summer Camp for Students

International Students Summer Camp Beijing 2015 is taking place from 12th July to 24th July in Beijing. This year more than 800 students from over 24 countries will be participating in the camp. A group of 7 students, Faryal Shah Afridi, Umnah Aslam, Mariyam Afzal, Rukhsar Javeed, Asad Javeed, Firas Bangash and Ashir Farooq, from Roots International Schools are representing Pakistan and Roots International Schools at the camp. The camp has been sponsored by the Embassy for the nominated extra ordinary students from Roots International Schools. It is due to the exemplary ties between Pakistan and China that students are getting this distinct opportunity. The camp is organized in order to intensify communication among students of different nationalities and to enhance the friendship with each other by improving the international sense of cultural diversity understanding and intercultural communication. The camp aims to boost better understanding, mutual respect and communication among youths all over the world.