The Sixth China Xinjiang International Children's Art Festival

The Sixth China Xinjiang International Children’s Art Festival held in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, China from 21st July to 27th July.
The mega event included five different sessions. Over 100 children from 15 different countries participated. The event held with the vigorous support of CPC Xinjiang committee, Xinjiang government, Xinjiang Foreign Affairs Office and majorly Xinjian People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. The major aim of the art festival was to provide the young student with opportunities to show their talent, increase communication and enhance friendship. Students of RIS participated in the event alongwith other children of 15 countries. The festival was the great amalgamation of language, culture, complexion, music and art.
The six days mega event started from Xinjiang Academy of Governance where all the briefings and notices were given followed by a dressed rehearsal for the opening ceremony. On the second day there was a red carpet ceremony for all the troupes followed by a welcome address by troupe leader. The third day of the event was very interesting and informative as students visited the exhibition center, where traditional art inform of paintings and calligraphy was exhibited. After this, the student also visited the food festival and went on a shopping trip. On the fourth day the student department for Karamay City and visited Public Arts Theatre. Students gave performance at the theatre and the student leader delivered speeches before the performance. Fifth day, there was a visit to Black Oil Mountains and Nine Dragon Pond followed by an enlightening and fascinating visit of Karamy Science and Technology Museum. In the evening, the students left for Urumqi City and attended a birthday party dinner for the July born. On the sixth day, there was a huge closing ceremony and the joint enactment of the troupes. Finally the next morning the troupes left for their homelands.
CEO, RIS Mr Walid Mushtaq is very thankful to the cultural office of Chinese Embassy for providing the RIS students with this wonderful exposure.