CIE Micheal O’ Sullivan Visits RISC

Roots International Schools Organized Cambridge High Achievers Ceremony and Students Recognition day in wellington Campus. CEO Cambridge Internatioal Mr.Micheal O’Sullivan and Ms Uzma Yousaf Country Head CIE Pakistan and Mr Shanawer Beg-CIE –Manager North graced the occasion with his profound presence. The ceremony followed by Awarding Students and teachers on their remarkable results and accomplishments in CIE exams 2016 and panel discussion. The forum threw a light on how Cambridge qualification makes a student smarter and exceptional? How Cambridge qualification open doors for students and opportunities for students and connect them to the world?
Micheal said: Cambridge students are 10 Million in 160 countries of the world out of which the huge number is acquainted with this advance qualification in Pakistan. Cambridge has formulated the strategy to link students, family and school. Roots international schools provides a platform for the students to avail this opportunity. It’s not only educates the students but also help them succeed beyond their expectations by making them engaged citizens, entrepreneurs, learn how to take responsibilities for work life balance. Cambridge emphasizes on being confident, reflective and engaged

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