Exclusive Interview With The Ambassador Of Philippines Mr. Daniel R Espiritu

An exclusive interview with the Ambassador of Philippines to Pakistan Excellency Mr. Daniel R Espiritu was conducted at the Embassy of Philippine by a team of students representing Roots International School, Richmond Campus. The aim of this interview was to acquire in hand knowledge of the Philippine history and culture. His Excellency provided a great depth of information to the students. Starting from the era of 1521 till modern day, His command and comprehension was truly astounding. Students from Roots International School were in complete zeal and zest to interview such an illustrious personality.Interview session commenced at the time committed by His Excellency which showed the most appalling characteristic of punctuality.
Students were delighted to know about socio-economic conditions in the country. It was truly an esteemed honor for Richmond Campus, Roots International School to host this one of the kind interview to attain and share their point of view directly with His Excellency. We were truly elated with the respect and compassion received from the personals at the Embassy.

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