Goethe Camp at Scindia

At this Goethe camp children from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Iran were present. Zainab Abbas, a student of IGCSE III attended this youth camp. There were three divisions of the camp; MINT, Schulezeitung and Comic. Top notch instructors were present; Ms. Elking and Evelyn Welding were the instructors for Schulezeitung. For football Julian was present. Not to mention the wonderful comic artist Kitty Kahane. With, of course, Olav Schröer presiding over them. Trip to Gwalior was a long journey; students were afforded a one night stay in Hotel Holiday Inn in Delhi, thanks to Goethe. Main events were as follows
1. Performing Pakistani Dance on Cultural Evening
2. Work in Schulezeitung
3. Writing Articles in Schulezeitung