Youth Camp 2020

I am extremely grateful to pasch and goethe institute for giving me the opportunity to experience the most incredible of the youth camps ever. I have so many beautiful memories from the camp. In a short period of time all the students,the heads and the team became my family. I experienced such beautiful diversity there. We had interactions with students from all over the world. We learned about their cultures and ethnicity. I made amazing friends from different countries. The heads and the team was extremely friendly and welcoming. It felt like home even while being away from home. I loved each and every part of this camp, from the excursions to the food to the classes and workshops, The teachers were also very helpful, I learned a lot. We had a great time playing extremely fun games with the camp team. The interactions we had with the nelson-mandela schools students were also very amusing. The whole experience in whole was exhilarating and I have to thank pasch and goethe once again for giving me the golden opportunity to encounter the diversity, love and joy this camp showed me.