Teacher's Training

Teacher training is an important feature of RGLD in collaboration with Goethe Institute and German Embassy. 1800 German teaching staff is already trained by the Goethe-Institutworldwide. The institute offers a special training, of an advanced nature for the PASCH-German teaching staff, having less teaching experience, along with language courses, regional/cultural seminars as well as seminars on Methodology-Didactics at all language levels.
PASCH-Principal's conferences yearly are a specialized exchange at the level of leadership strengthens the role of German as a foreign language (in some cases a third language) in class and connects the PASCH-Schools with one another in the long term. PASCH-informational tours through Germany for School Principals and Education Ministers, which are organized together with the Visitors Program of the Goethe-Institut, contribute likewise towards further establishment of German as a foreign language.


A two-day teacher training programme was conducted on 6th-8th December at Annemarie-Schimmel-Haus Lahore by Goethe institute. The programme was one of its kinds. Goethe Institute arranges variety of training workshops every year to facilitate German language teachers in attaining mastery and grip over teaching methodologies and didactics. PASCH aims to broaden all teachers' horizons by letting them excel and edify their teaching skills through updated subject knowledge and for professional development.
The whole workshop was comprehensive, well planned and systematize in perspective of teaching standard German language course content and preparing students for internationally recognized examinations. Sustained practice and instruction programme was planned by master trainers to deliver it to the participants. The trainers provided them with the relevant material and introduced them with the unique techniques which can be useful to teach German literature.
Our teachers interacted with number of teachers from nationwide campuses and gained from their knowledge, practices and experiences. The trainers guided them in formulating specifically designed lesson plans and to deal with immediate classroom problems that originates in learning a foreign language.
The forums like this where all the teachers exchange ideas, share knowledge and learn latest methodologies and techniques offer an ideal opportunity to them to improve their learning. These programmes not only cater the needs of students but also of the teachers to engage in learning activities and promulgate the language programme.

Special Training for Teachers at Annemarie Schimmel Heus Lahore

6th German Teachers Training workshop was conducted by Goethe Institute in Lahore on 3rd and 4th June 2013. The resource persons were Miss. Evelyn Sing, Miss Sara and Mr. IrfanSamd. The first day was the theory which included the following Topics.

  • Structural Elements of German Language Class
  • Phases of German Language Lecture
  • The imparting of Vocabulary

The second day was about the written test and discussion on the test and implementation of these topic and tasks were assigned to all of participants to implement these topics and conduct a German Language Lecture which was observed by trainers and participants. Indeed a great session.