Intel Roots Join ICT Curriculum

RIS ICT Curriculum will promote critical thinking, technology literacy and collaboration amongst students and thus nurture their inherent potential and equip theme with 21st century learning skills. Roots international Schools Department of information communication technology is committed to ensure that our student are provided with excellent education that encourages integrated virtual teaching and learning thus promoting ICT as a common denominator to bridge digital divide.
There is a strong emphasis on developing global & technology awareness through Curriculum. Building of life long skills is a part of the RIS experience. Roots remains keenly aware of its responsibility to prepare its students to become digital citizens and future technology leaders. Cooperation among education sector is the key to harmonization of innovative teaching approaches and eventually to achieving optimal education standards. Forging international collocations is one of the cornerstones of the RIS 21st century learning and teaching approaches. Keeping in mind the changing paradigm of education today, RIS has customized an ICT curriculum in collaboration with Intel Education Pakistan.
The introduction of this curriculum represents a significant step in our efforts to make our schools students achieve optimum technology literacy thus converting them into digital citizens. Our world in Roots is in constant motion, giving birth to creativity and innovation and thus invoking our students.

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