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What is Pre Level – Grade 6 & Grade 7 ?

The Preparatory Level is the middle or Elementary school level offering continuous education through grade 6 and grade 7 in preparation for British ‘O’ levels, IGCSE levels or the local Metric level examinations.
Preparatory level is the most comprehensive and unique elementary school qualification; thus preparing Roots students for their international examinations offered through the University of London Edexcel and/or the university of Cambridge international examinations UK.
The school environment can help or hinder the realization of goals for young children. Keeping this in view the school provides the best possible environment that will contribute to the development of our student both physically and mentally. Provision is made for continuous growth in social and emotional development through a balanced programme that will meet the needs of the child. The emphasis in the school is for inculcating a ‘spirit of inquiry’ at a very early age.
A systematic and regular method of evaluation of the student’s progress in all fields of the educational activities has been adopted and a consolidated record of the student is maintained. The medium of instruction is English with due emphasis to MATHS, SCIENCE, URDU, HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY and ISLAMIAT.
Preparatory levels offers a gateway to the Roots ‘O’ level, IGCSE level or the local matriculation examinations; with focus on strong academic foundation at such important years through developing an aptitude towards inquiry and concept base learning at each school level.

Social Studies: Traditional subjects such as History and Geography are taught through Project Work & group interaction. This work is studied in depth over an extended period of time. There are no clear boundaries between one area of knowledge and another, and we try to use topics to make learning relevant. We aim for a balance of subject areas in those topics, which can be very exciting and highly motivating for children.
Art and Craft: All children use art as a means of exploring and coming to terms with their world. It acts as a vehicle for expressing ideas and solving problems, encourages aesthetic development and poses intellectual demands on children. Children are encouraged to explore a variety of materials and craft skills and the value placed on children’s artwork may be seen in the care with which it is displayed around the school.
Religious Education: The ultimate aim of the Institution is to produce true Muslims and patriotic Pakistanis. Islamiat is taught as a compulsory subject in all classes. The morning assembly opens with the recitation of Holy Quran followed by English/Urdu translation. Topics pertaining to Islamic values with reference to character / personality development are addressed and discussed with children frequently. All religious days are celebrated at our campuses.
Computer Technology: RISC has pioneer to introduced information and communication technology as a compulsory subject from Grade 1 and above. Computer education is inculcated at all levels especially right at the early age in order to develop a quick understanding of computer & communication skills.
Co-curricular Activities: At RISC ample opportunities and facilities are provided to activate the mind as well as the body. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities through active participation in our OPEN days and by following the United Nations Annual Event Calendar.

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