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RIPP is the primary programme which is based on curriculum of English, Science, Mathematics & Urdu that are stimulating for both students and teachers. We aim to prepare children for their role in a challenging, demanding and rapidly changing world.
RISC is based upon committed teamwork involving teachers, staff, parents and children. We see children as individuals with differing needs and strengths. The knowledge and skills that will be developed can ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary schooling.
Our objective is to enable equal opportunities for diverse learners to meet their academic, social, emotional and physical needs through a broad, balanced academic and social curriculum. We offer intensive, research-based, targeted interventions – typically in the core areas of literacy and numeracy – and also help with study skills and organization, as well as behavioral/emotional support.

We want children to give their best and appreciate what they can do well. We work to give children a thorough grounding in basic skills; to develop a lively interest and curiosity about the world in which they live.

Prep I and II

The Preparatory Level is the middle or Elementary school level offering continuous education through grade 6 and grade 7 in preparation for British ‘O’ levels, IGCSE levels or the local Metric level examinations. We continue to challenge, inspire and nurture our students to enable them to fulfil their potential, whatever their ability. Teachers build on the standards set in primary school, partnering with students during their critical developmental period and helping them become their best selves. Preparatory level is the most comprehensive and unique elementary school qualification; thus preparing Roots students for their international examinations offered through the University of London Edexcel and/or the university of Cambridge international examinations UK. The school environment can help or hinder the realization of goals for young children. Keeping this in view the school provides the best possible environment that will contribute to the development of our student both physically and mentally. Provision is made for continuous growth in social and emotional development through a balanced programme that will meet the needs of the child. The emphasis in the school is for inculcating a ‘spirit of inquiry’ at a very early age. A systematic and regular method of evaluation of the student’s progress in all fields of the educational activities has been adopted and a consolidated record of the student is maintained. A wide curriculum is followed, with the mastering of English, Urdu, Mathematics and Islamiat being the core aim. As well as foundation studies in Science, History and Geography, the children enjoy Art, IT, Music, Sports and Games.

The Core Subjects Study Are:

Communication and Languages create and make a crucial contribution to children’s development as successful learners. Pupils need to learn to become enthusiastic and critical readers of stories, poetry and drama as well as non-fiction and media texts. They are required to understand how languages work by looking at the patterns, structures and origins. Using this knowledge pupil can choose and adapt what they say and write in different situations.

  • Geography & Islamiat
  • Social Studies
  • Art and Craft
  • Religious Education
  • Computer Technology
  • Co-curricular Activities

Preparatory levels offers a gateway to the Roots ‘O’ level, IGCSE level or the local matriculation examinations; with focus on strong academic foundation at such important years through developing an aptitude towards inquiry and concept base learning at each school level.

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