Recruitment Policy

RIS has established foothold in the corporate market by increasing its tendency to hire best of the best candidates to ensure excellent working environment created by the employees through their ownership. The recruitment policy holds an important part in the whole employment cycle of the RIS employees. This process ensures that RIS becomes the employer of choice as it facilitates not male candidates for the jobs but equally qualified females as well. This has made it easy for Roots to become the equal opportunity employer, as it always wanted to be. The recruitment policy followed at RIS is crisp and clear. The procedure is as:

  1. The vacancy is identified in the Branches/Head Office.
  2. The post for which the vacancy is identified is matched with the job description (JD) present for the job. If the job is new, a proper JD is defined and if the job becomes vacant, the JD is revised.
  3. The approval of the CEO is the most important part of the process. The approval notifies that the vacancy can be advertised.
  4. The job advertisement is given based on utilizing the media coverage from Facebook, LinkedIn, Rozee. Email address for the RIS job advert is used as well to collect CVs.
  5. CV pool is then searched for the best candidates meeting the requirements of the JD of the vacant job position
  6. The CVs shortlisted are then contacted for, through telephone, keeping in view that RIS personally looks into communicating with the candidates