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Welcome to Roots Foreign Languages Department (RFLD)

Expand your horizons and borders! The world of the 21st century requires knowledge of different languages and cultures. The Department of Foreign Languages offers Chinese and German Language to roots students and working to incorporate more languages under the umbrella of RFLD.
If you are hoping to be a world citizen you have come to the right place RFLD!
With this vision the CEO RISC Walid Mushtaq has initiated RFLD. The Department of Foreign Languages has designed courses in German and Chinese to meet global needs and turn these foreign languages into an asset for those who intend to join multinational companies and look for opportunities abroad. Some of them have been associated with Germany or China in their own fields of professional experience. This helps the faculty members not only to teach students the foreign language, but also to expose them to the culture of these countries. In an increasingly connected world, foreign language proficiency is more important than ever. Learning another language has many cognitive, academic, and social benefits.
The department keeps a quality check over the learning progress by supervising the classes’ timetable, checking the lesson plans, observing the classrooms’ instructions, and giving reflective feedback to both teachers and learners. The RFLD responsibilities include monitoring the curriculum, creating or selecting learning resources, developing programs for improved teaching and learning, and providing teacher professional development in new curriculum areas. The RFLD in collaboration with Roots Academy for Professional and Intellectual department (RAPID) intends to hold teacher training programs in future. The department also guarantees the celebration of all the important festivals of China so as to help students practice their Chinese linguistic skills outside the classroom in real life situations. The extracurricular activities are organized on regular basis in order to intrinsically motivate as well as keep our students’ interest for learning Chinese language and culture. The department is committed to serve the students in the best manner.


Our mission is to promote the diversity of world cultures and languages by providing innovative interdisciplinary learning opportunities.
How does RFLD help you to meet today’s challenges? It

  • – helps you to expand your view of the world
  • – encourages critical reflection on the relation between language and culture, language and thought
  • – expands your opportunities for meaningful leisure activities (such as travel, viewing foreign language films, watching foreign TV programs)
  • – develops your intellect (encouraging good learning habits, memorization, combining course content and skills in a meaningful way)
  • – improves knowledge of the native language (through comparison and contrast with the foreign language)
  • – fosters your understanding of the interrelation between language and human nature
  • – teaches and encourages respect for other ethnic groups
  • – contributes to the development of your personality
  • – contributes to the achievement of national goals, such as economic development or national security

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