Selection Policy

Selection is the main process of converting a good candidate to an employee at RIS. At Head Office, we make sure that the most dedicated and the most capable will be the part of RIS. The selection policy is as:

  1. The shortlisted candidates are called in for the interview and then they go through the process of recurrent interview and selections tests (teachers). For the management candidates, it depends if a test is needed or presentation (demonstration) is required after the interview session(s).
  2. The selected candidates based on their performance in interviews/tests/demonstration are then called for an observatory period. This can range from 2 days to a week. The performance of the candidates is seen through and then the finalized candidate is run through a final interview with the CEO.
  3. The approval of the CEO is the most important part of the process. The approval notifies that the vacancy can be advertised.
  4. Details are finalized and the candidate is placed on the vacant job.