Nimra Naveed

I have completed my ics degree from roots in 2019. This highly reputable institute is none other than a blessing for students. The envoirnmnt , qualified staff , academics all prepared us for the practical world. Teachers are more like parents who guide us in all aspects of life.i am proud to b the part of roots and much love and affection from branch head mam Sobia and all the staff .

Abeeha Abrar Qazi

ROOTS INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE is much beyond just an “Institution”…It actually denotes a “Culture”…Culture of excellence, empowerment, and enrichment. Being a part of RCI, I felt blessed. The college has molded my personality and clarified my vision of the future. That day is not far when people will recognize me with the name of RCI and I am very grateful to the Institute for providing guidelines and motivation to inspire me to achieve my goals.

Aqib Bilal

I have spent two years in roots and it was the best time. I joined roots in 2017 for my pre engineering degree and completed it in 2019. For further studies i joined UET taxila university. I m doing electrical engineering in UET.

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