Virtual Online Admission Enquiry

Stages of Admission Process

1 – Meet the Admission Officer

Get counselling regarding eligibility, fee, progression and admission procedure.

2 – Meet the Programme Representative

Meeting with the Programme representative for details on learner induction, programme structure, key information and progression opportunities.

3 – Fill the Admission Form

Fill in the Admission Form and submit required admission documents. A student may have to take an entry test (as a pre-requisite) of the programme.

4 – Receive fee bill

Student will receive an admission offer and a fee bill from the billing department.

5 – Pay Fees Through Digital Platform

Pay your fees to Fee Billing Record and Recovery Department(DFIT).

6 – Receive Admission Confirmation

After your fees is paid, RIS will issue a provisional admission confirmation and a formal application shall be made to provider.

Admission Query