Students Activites

RISC Students from Wellington, Richmond & Westridge campus embarked on a virtual journey as part of this project: We Discover Colombia, Peru & Pakistan.
Theme: -Introducing yourself. / -Homeland cities of love and peace - all that is Pakistan.
The aim of the exchange was to get to know other regions, In addition, intercultural communication and exchange was to be enabled through concrete projects. Students from Roots International Schools & Colleges communicated with people from Max Ludwig Planck School in trujillo, Peru in German and learned about German as a foreign language contexts outside of Germany. What connected the students was their common interest in the #German_language and culture, as the participants talked about their own culture and country in German. Students created travel guides and presentations on the cultural characteristics of the respective countries. The participating students had a wonderful time getting to know each other, their different cities, traditions and cultures.

German language students participated in a virtual Christmas party on 25 December organized by our colleagues at the Goethe-Institut in Tehran. I would like to commend and appreciate the efforts of your German language teacher, Ms Shehla Riaz Khan, who went out of her way on a very short notice and was able to motivate students to participate. I feel she is a real asset to your school!
German students from Roots International not only participated with fervour but also won prizes in the Christmas cookie competition (your students Myra and Tehreem) and in the Christmas quiz (Yahya and Hammad) Morever, the design of the programme was developed by one of your students. Another student (Hammad) recited a Christmas poem.

Students of German language department of Roots International Schools & Colleges secured top positions in the second edition of the Aitchison College Languages and Cultural Festival (ACLAC), on the 12th of February 2022, Lahore
RISC students made us proud one more time by bucketing positions in following categories:
1: Cultural Conundrum first prize
2: Scavenger Hunt runner up
3: Badminton third position
4: Footßall runner up
We, at RISC, strive to develop an understanding and appreciation of foreign languages for promoting respect for various cultures and this becomes evident in Language & Cultural Fest.

Our dear student Muhammad Ali Khan IGCSE 1 Richmond Campus has created this poster to show his love for the Pakistan German 70 years Friendship.

Yashfa IGCSE 2 has translated German Anthem into Urdu to show her love for the language and to celebrate 70 years of Pak-German friendship

Designed by: SYEDA HAREEM 70 Years of Pak-German Relation. CLASS: IG-1

Meerab from Roots International School Richmond campus got selected in photography competition.

Project : Worldwide water project. Our students got 1st and 3rd postion in this project. Student names Yashfa from Richmond Campus and Yasir from Wellington campus

Digital youth camp of Goethe Institut Freiburg

Areej Numan received prize for participation in youth camp.

Digitales PASCH-Jugend Camp

My name is Tehreem Asghar and I am a student at Roots International School, Wellington Campus, Islamabad, Pakistan. I was lucky enough to be part of the Digital PASCH Youth Camp, as it gave me an enormous experience that I could never have had myself.

My message to the earth

We congratulate our youngest Champ Mamoon Riaz for winning the "earth day" project. A very beautiful prize is waiting for you dear Mamoon.

Our Students participated in the digital film workshop on gender equality organized by Goethe Institut Pakistan and the PASCH Initiative. We congratulate our youngest Champ Mamoon Riaz for winning the "earth day" project. A very beautiful prize is waiting for you dear Mamoon.

The Goethe-Institut in Karachi is pleased to announce a video competition for Earth Day in 2021.