Roots and Confucius Institute have worked day and night to launch Chinese Language curriculum. The syllabus and books which are taught are provided by Confucius Institute Islamabad. The details are as follows:

  • Grade I, II Poems and RIS in-house Chinese Worksheets
  • Grade III, IV, V Chinese Paradise , The Fun way to Learn Chinese
  • Grade Prep I & II Happy Chinese Kuaile Hanyu Book 1
  • Grade IGCSE I Happy Chinese Kuaile Hanyu Book 2
  • Grade IGCSE II Happy Chinese Kuaile Hanyu Book 3
  • Grade IGCSE III Learn Chinese with me Book 1
  • AI Learn Chinese with me Book 1
  • AII Learn Chinese with me Book 2

Chinese Paradise the Fun way to Learn Chinese

Chinese Paradise - the Fun Way to learn Chinese is a major work by The Office of Chinese Language Council International. Considering that children are active and vigorous, Chinese Paradise - the Fun Way to learn Chinese teaches Chinese through colorful, vivid and interesting pictures and games and includes plenty of highly applicable teaching activities appealing to children.
Chinese Paradise is intended for children of 10 - 12 years old who are learning Chinese as beginners. It has three levels, each of which consists of: Student's Book A and B, accompanied with CD, and cards of words and expressions. Workbook A and B accompanied with CD and expressions.

  • Paradise is a series of books.
  • It has three levels.
  • Two volumes of student's books
  • Two volumes of Work book
  • Card of words and expressions
  • Teachers books
  • Four Multimedia CD ROMS
  • It helps students to learn
  • Interactive sentence patterns
  • New words
  • Chinese characters
  • Information about Chinese culture
  • Hands activities, songs, stories, games etc
  • Each Level consists of 6 units with 12 lessons, and each lesson teaches one or more Chinese characters, about ten new words and a basic sentence pattern.
  • After completion of 2 levels 1A, 1B children master
    • 50 Chinese characters
    • 300 new words
    • Speak simple sentences
    • Nursery Rhymes
    • Sing Songs
    • Knowledge about Chinese Culture


Unit 1 Greeting (Lesson 1& 2)
Unit 2 Counting (Lesson 3 & 4)
Unit 3 My Body (Lesson 5 & 6)
Unit 4 My Home (Lesson 7 & 8)
Unit 5 In the class room (Lesson 9 & 10)
Unit 6 (Lesson 11 & 12)

Happy Chinese Kuaile Hanyu BOOK 1A, IB

Created out of collaboration between the British Council and the Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese, Kuaile Hanyu is a series specially designed to meet the needs of Chinese learners at the middle school level. The series has three, graded levels; each level has a textbook, teachers manual, CD's and a wonderful set of flashcards that show the words meaning through pictures on one side and have pinyin and English on the other.
Kuaile Hanyu consists of 9 books with three levels, including a student's book, a teacher's book and a workbook at each level.

  • Kuaile Hanyu is for children aged 11-15, 16 years
  • It has a book, workbook.
  • It provides a solid foundation for learner's further study.


Unit 1 You and I
Unit 2 My Family
Unit 3 Food
Unit 4 School Life
Unit 5 Time and wealth
Unit 6 Job
Unit 7 Hobby
Unit 8 Transport and Travel

Happy Chinese Kuaile Hanyu BOOK 2A, 2B

It has units.

Unit 1 My Friend and I
Unit 2 My Family
Unit 3 Shopping
Unit 4 School Life
Unit 5 Environment and Health
Unit 6 Fashion and Entertainment
Unit 7 Media
Unit 8 Travel and Custom

Learn Chinese with me

Learn Chinese with Me is a series of textbook designed especially for overseas high school students. It is mainly targeted at students of Chinese language, aged between"15"and"18"years old.
This series of textbook guides the students from beginner to lower-intermediate level .The compiling principal is to foster high school students 'interest in learning Chinese .The content is natural and interesting and arranged in accordance with the rules of learning a second language .To cope with the general needs of conducting daily communication, the sentence pattern and grammar are presented to the students in an order that emphasizes functional usage and the language material are arranged within situational topics.
The entire series of Learn Chinese with Me is composed of 12 books, including 4 student's Books .4 Teacher's Books, 4 Work Books and other phonetic and listening material and multimedia materials supplemented to the Student's Books. The series can meet the needs of teaching Chinese to 9-12 grades.

Learn Chinese with Me Book 1:

Unit 1 School, Classmates and Teachers Lesson 1-6
Unit 2 Hanging out with My Friends Lesson 7-12
Unit 3 My Family and I Lesson 13-18
Unit 4 Four seasons of the Year Lesson 19-24
Unit 5 Food and Clothing Lesson 25-30
Unit 6 Sports and Health Lessonn 31-36