Chinese Language Club

Chinese mandarin is fast becoming the world most important language to global use in business, international relations, travel and popular culture. Roots Chinese language club is a versatile exclusive club whose membership comprises Chinese language students. Number of activities are being performed and carried out in an aspiring way. Rootsians are always acknowledged on the basis of their efforts, skills and multitasking approach along with outstanding academic excellence.
The lively Chinese language club is one of the active clubs in Roots International schools and plans a lot of events to involve everyone around. The club aims to cultivate raw minds of students and shape them with extra ordinary skills and to make their learning capabilities and experiences intriguing and creating more engaged and experimental learning opportunities for them while dispensing their learning through reflection.
Here at this club, life is never dull! At the Chinese Language Club we embrace diversity and commit ourselves to providing quality standard, language services and social programmes at convenient times in comfortable environments. Students get a chance to explore Chinese culture and to serve the purpose; they are engaged in number of activities to enhance their exposure and interaction. Students are engaged in performing arts, rhythmic expressions of china and various colorful activities so that they have a better knowledge of Chinese culture.
The club intends to inculcate in them the spirit to move around the globe, boost their confidence and getting multicultural experience. It offers almost everything to students to facilitate their language learning and enrich cultural diversity. The club not only offers a language learning course but a holistic development and understanding for students about China, its culture, values and traditions. They are given the opportunity to attend summer camps conducted by Confucius in China. Apart from academics, students get to experience the things they have never dreamed of. This is exactly the place which makes students realize their potential.
All the RIS branches offering Chinese Language select a President from their branches in August and the RCLD makes sure that all these presidents work together under the umbrella of Roots Chinese Language Club.