What is Cambridge IGCSE

Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international curriculum for 14-16 year olds, leading to globally recognised and valued Cambridge IGCSE qualifications. Cambridge IGCSE encourages learner-centred and enquiry-based approaches to learning. It develops learners’ skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving, giving learners excellent preparation for the next stage in their education. Schools can build a core curriculum, extend it to suit their learners and introduce cross-curricular perspectives. Clearly defined learning outcomes and content, mean Cambridge IGCSE is compatible with other curricula and is internationally relevant and sensitive to different needs and cultures. Cambridge IGCSE, which provides excellent preparation for the Cambridge Advanced stage including Cambridge International AS and A Levels and Cambridge Pre-U, as well as other progression routes.

Curriculum and Instruction

Students usually elect to take Islamiat, Pakistan Studies, and Urdu at the end of their second year in IGCSE. Those students who join RISC after completing 9th grade elsewhere are accommodated and brought up to speed on material in a shorter period of time with the help of our experienced teachers. Due to the strengths of our Faculty members in preparing students to sit for Cambridge exams, we provide exemplary support to make up for any missed time and assignments.At the end of their final year (10th grade) students take the remainder of their elective and compulsory examinations.

Instruction for Foreign Nationals

Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, and Urdu are not compulsory for those students applying to foreign institutions for Higher Education, nor is it a requirement for those who are foreign citizens or dual nationality holders. Pakistani residents whose families are certain they will be sending their children abroad for Higher Education are also not required to take those three subjects.

Subject Selection

Students choose a combination of subjects in line with their interests and the Guidance Counselor ensures there is a strong correlation between interests, A’ Level studies, and University Admissions. Each student tailors a course of study unique to their academic interests with knowledge of equivalence requirements made available to parents at the time of subject selection. It is advised to take certain subject combinations based on the chosen field of study at A’ Level, and at Higher Education institutions. However, RISC students usually take a wide variety and range of courses to enrich their learning experience and there is the minimal restriction when taking electives.

How is IGCSE taught at RISC

At Roots, students are encouraged to study a wide range of subjects at IGCSE level, at the same time. In order to follow a broad and balanced curriculum, many students take courses from each of the IGCSE groups, particularly if they’re aiming to go on to further education. This can lead to the award of the International Certificate of Education an additional qualification that recognizes students who pass exams in seven or more subjects, including two languages and one subject from each of the other groups. The course differs for each subject, but throughout the programme there will be a mix of assessment methods, including coursework, practical exercises, oral and listening tests, projects and written examinations.

Subject offered in RISC

Accounting Business studies Economics Computer Science English Urdu
Islamiyat Pak Studies Mathematics Biology Chemistry Physics
Global Perspective Commerce Art and Design

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