Roots International Career Acceleration Program (RICAP)

RISC Students Celebrated International Youth Day In Collaboration With Hashoo Foundation

Roots International Career Acceleration Program (RICAP) empowers students and alumni to translate their academic foundation, regardless of major or background, into professional success. Through industry-specific training, global networking connections, and opportunities to put a world-class education into practice, RICAP is helping students embark upon successful futures.
RICAP engages students in National and International corporate and social development projects that are often tailored to identify the individuals who have the drive and determination to take on new challenges! Students are provided with the opportunities to gain new skills by working on key projects & gaining edifying experiences. RICAP provides cross-functional training, designed to give you a broad understanding of how the corporate sector operate and builds leadership skills to succeed in future opportunities. RICAP wants to take out the best out of the students by making them learn continuously. Using a high touch executive coaching approach, Career Acceleration assists the students to identify opportunities to improve and maximize their internal Career Currency. In addition it will support an understanding of how this is vital to their future career endeavors and aspirations.

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